365 comics what now?

by Karen H. Brown on Monday, October 10, 2011

So, doing this 24 hour comic day has been a real learning experience! The last time I tried it out, I only did the pencils. This year I tried to do the whole kit and caboodle - thumbs, roughs, inks, etc. I didn't finish, but since I had to go out that day to see friends it ain't all that surprising.

What I learned? If I'm not terribly concerned about quality, I can make a lot of pages in a short amount of time. Even if I do inject some intermediate effort into the art, I can turn around quite a few pages by sticking to a simple style.

Ultimately, I'd like to make a lifelong (and god willing, successful!) career of comics. Alas - I am notorious about not finishing the stories I start. I hope the new year-long project I'm undertaking will help fix that.

WHUT you ask A NEW PROJECT BUT KAREN YOU ARE ALWAYS DOING THAT i know i know shut up! I'm doing it anyways! SO THERE.

I'm making 365 comics.**

You are now free to take bets on whither or not I'll make it a whole year. C'mon take a chance I'M A DARK HORSE BABY. The first one is already up and running!

**yes yes I will still be posting on this blog and on ma tumblr, no worries.

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