Holy gosh, a comic!

by Karen H. Brown on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This comic features Yien Yip! She's a groovy gal.
Apologizes to any korean-speakers if, perchance, I have butchered the language.

Inspiration: Passover

by Karen H. Brown on Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Passover comes around my Mother often asks me to help with the customary cleaning. In an effort to shirk her requests I usually point out her subconscious gender discrimination: she never asks my brothers to help with this, just me. Time and again my mother half-grins at this comment, looks thoughtful, then says she'll ask them to help too.

Does she? Do they? If they do, I'm never around to witness this mythical event.

Anyhoo, I am usually guilted into polishing the silverware.

Growing up in the Jewish community and as a regular synagogue-goer, I was often surrounded by judaic/biblical art. Polishing silverware is tedious, but it does give me satisfaction in removing the tarnish off the religious objects I grew up with.

In Judaism there is a mitzvah - commandment - called Hiddur Mitzvah. The idea is that the use of beautiful aesthetics in Jewish practice glorifies god. Here's a selection of Passover objects I found while scouring Google Image Search and EBay that make my art bug itch and my wallet whimper. Click the links for the wiki articles relating to those objects.

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