by Karen H. Brown on Saturday, October 1, 2011

24 Hour Comic Day is upon us! I'll have to take an extended break to go see friends, since I'd, you  know, totally forgotten that today would be 24HCD. Don't know if I'll strike those hours from the clock or not, we'll see.

I started 11am today! It's now 3pm and I'm 3 pages in. WISH ME LUCK.

This post is going to be updated for the next 24 hours, so click refresh to see the newest completed pages. Or you can follow my progress on twitter!

UPDATE: Hahahaha having to go out at some point to see friends killed me. I don't got anything left in me. If I kept going, the art would just degenerate into the craptastical zone and I'd rather have it done late and looking good than having it done on time and descending into meaningless scribbles.


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