by Karen H. Brown on Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey people! Not much to show you in the way of illustrations this time around, but I do have a selection of comics from my 365 project. I was behind for awhile there, but now I'm all caught up. Today I updated the 1st page of an 8 page story. Check it out!

365 comics what now?

by Karen H. Brown on Monday, October 10, 2011

So, doing this 24 hour comic day has been a real learning experience! The last time I tried it out, I only did the pencils. This year I tried to do the whole kit and caboodle - thumbs, roughs, inks, etc. I didn't finish, but since I had to go out that day to see friends it ain't all that surprising.

What I learned? If I'm not terribly concerned about quality, I can make a lot of pages in a short amount of time. Even if I do inject some intermediate effort into the art, I can turn around quite a few pages by sticking to a simple style.

Ultimately, I'd like to make a lifelong (and god willing, successful!) career of comics. Alas - I am notorious about not finishing the stories I start. I hope the new year-long project I'm undertaking will help fix that.

WHUT you ask A NEW PROJECT BUT KAREN YOU ARE ALWAYS DOING THAT i know i know shut up! I'm doing it anyways! SO THERE.

I'm making 365 comics.**

You are now free to take bets on whither or not I'll make it a whole year. C'mon take a chance I'M A DARK HORSE BABY. The first one is already up and running!

**yes yes I will still be posting on this blog and on ma tumblr, no worries.


by Karen H. Brown on Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sometimes I like to do abstract pieces, both traditionally and digitally, to blow off some steam. Enjoy!

by Karen H. Brown on Saturday, October 1, 2011

24 Hour Comic Day is upon us! I'll have to take an extended break to go see friends, since I'd, you  know, totally forgotten that today would be 24HCD. Don't know if I'll strike those hours from the clock or not, we'll see.

I started 11am today! It's now 3pm and I'm 3 pages in. WISH ME LUCK.

This post is going to be updated for the next 24 hours, so click refresh to see the newest completed pages. Or you can follow my progress on twitter!

UPDATE: Hahahaha having to go out at some point to see friends killed me. I don't got anything left in me. If I kept going, the art would just degenerate into the craptastical zone and I'd rather have it done late and looking good than having it done on time and descending into meaningless scribbles.


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